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The Holyoke Tutor/Mentor program connects volunteers to adult education classes in Holyoke.
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Thoughtful v.1: Listening

Thoughtful, a small collection of links to inspire your thinking. V.1. When I'm home, or in the car, or doing yard work, or.., or…, or.... It's a good bet I'm listening to public radio and/or a podcast. So, for this week's thoughtful links, an audio theme: NPR series on dyslexia - I found the personal responses of listeners particularly interesting...
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New Tutors

Each year, we are fortunate to welcome back some volunteers from the previous year, and to welcome some who are new. This school year, we started with a particularly large and strong cohort of new tutors  (Almost half of our current tutors, as it turns out)ProcessFor each new tutor there's an initial flurry of inquiries, emails, questions, the...
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Hello, and welcome to the Holyoke Tutor/Mentor Program's blog. I'm Allison, the HTM program coordinator, and I'll be your host/ primary writer/ chief story-gather-er. Remarkable stories happen here in ABE, but often they happen quietly. I hope this blog is a place to share those stories, as well as engage with some of the big ideas they illumi...
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