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​"13 months old!"  Or "One year and one month!"

(Which sounds less like I forgot when to do the "hey it's been a year post" and more like "I ​meant​ to celebrate in January"?)

Either way, this blog had a birthday (December 9th), and I'm celebrating it now. 

I asked text analyzer (with an assist from wordle) what I'd been writing about: 

Volunteers, learning, thinking, students, ideas. ..

*Nods approvingly* 

... Time, new, last

Beats me. 

I'm blaming the new-now-updates-latest-justintime focused nature of blogs/the internet. (Right? The media is the message? I don't know. But apparently I also use time-words frequently) 

I also looked back myself. I collected our most read (or at least, most clicked) posts

Most clicked posts:

I love data 

What does $20,000 get you? 



How do I become a tutor? 

"See? I can't do it!" 

New Tutors 


New Year, New Mission Statement 

Finding hope in the numbers 

Although, it's not really a fair competition. 

Some of those posts (hi, there, "Welcome!" aka first post ever) are a year (and a month) old, others are a week old. 

So, and even more personal, less technological summary... 

Popular posts about our students: Wishing  and Awesome (aka Student of the Year) 

About being a great volunteer:  Beyond "Who needs Help" |  What it really takes |  Tutor of the Year 

About the HiSETComparingTips  (With special recognition, for our crowd sourced tips-list, which I loved assembling) 

About my personal-professional soap boxesTraining Take Aways |  Not KnowingBelievingEncouragement 

And a few favorite new ones, that never stood a chance in the cumulative clicks contest: AdvisingCounting | Persisting

Thank you for reading, clicking sharing. For contributing HiSET tips and student stories. For supporting our work and our students. 

...And for giving me an excuse to write. Sharing these stories here is one of my favorite items on my to do list. 

Thoughtful v. 11: Giving

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Saturday, 23 October 2021

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