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​Let me get to the point: HTM will start the new year with a new organizational home. 

For the past 20+ years we've been affiliated with the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. In January 2019, we'll join MassHire Holyoke (aka CareerPoint). I'm excited to be part of  their team. 

I've always thought it spoke well of the Chamber that they included educating the city's workforce within their work. I've been appreciative of the support I've received from them, and the space they've offered for HTM to grow. 

MassHire Holyoke/CareerPoint have been Juntos partners for years. We've met every month to plan, learn and work together. They've proved to be true collaborators, and, to put it simply, good people. 

MHH and HTM share a set of values, a commitment to making a positive impact, a love and respect for Holyoke. I'm looking forward to working with their dedicated staff and to learning from them. 

In many ways, I think this will be a positive change. 

But, in many other, important ways, nothing will change. 

HTM will continue our mission of creating a community where everyone can learn, teach and contribute.

I'll be keeping the same office, address, phone number. 

Most importantly, our volunteers will continue to work with teachers and students across the Juntos Collaborative. 

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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