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The Holyoke Tutor/Mentor program connects volunteers to adult education classes in Holyoke.



​HTM volunteers work with 30+ class sessions each week. But HTM runs - precisely - none of those classes. We're a collaborative with six other organizations, and they run the classes. This is one of the unique (read: cool, powerful, kind of complicated, occasionally confusing) features of HTM. 

Collaborating in this way means I can match volunteers to the class that suits them (without them trial-and-erroring their way through calls to multiple organizations). It means overworked teachers and staff of those organizations are not trying to find a few hours to manage volunteers. It means these organizations have come to the table and worked together to offer complementary services (instead of competing). 

And it means it can be a bit confusing to keep track of which program a volunteer is working with. 

That's fair. We have a bunch of programs doing ​a lot​. Three (+HTM and some other great neighbors) share space here at PAFEC (on Maple Street) We all share a wait list, an intake process for new students, and a Dept. of Ed. grant. Several of us share "Holyoke", "Learning", "Education", "Center" and/or "Community" in our titles. 

So, fellow visual learners, a chart... 

And, for those who prefer text: 

Holyoke Community College Adult Learning Center (HCC/ALC) offers evening HiSET preparation classes to adults at PAFEC. 

The Care Center offers HiSET classes and extensive support services to young mothers. 

The HPS Success Center, affiliated with the Holyoke Public Schools, offers HiSET classes to adults, and a credit recovery program to adolescents at PAFEC (formerly called the HALO Center, the Holyoke Adult Learning Opportunities Center) 

The Community Education Project offers Native Language Literacy (Spanish HiSET) classes and intermediate English classes from two locations: PAFEC and Main Street Holyoke. 

Holyoke Works, a workforce development focused program, offers ESOL (English) classes in the evenings from their Front Street location. 

Collaborating, pt. 2

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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