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Thoughtful v. 11: Giving

Thoughtful, a small collection of links to inspire your thinking.


​Perhaps you, like me, have spent time this month thinking of things to give people in your life (who may or may not *need* a thing) Perhaps you have also spent time thinking of giving to those do need (many) things. 

I've spent time thinking about giving (and about the people who give their time, energy and other contributions to our program all year.  Thank you!) 

"You'll Feel Less Rushed If You Give Time Away" (and other Surprising benefits of Volunteering)

Sharon Salzberg on the power of generosity (and The health benefits of generosity NYTimes) 

The giving conundrum (because there's no right way) (And, the white envelope, because there are good ways)


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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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