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The Holyoke Tutor/Mentor program connects volunteers to adult education classes in Holyoke.



​Every month, I email our volunteers about their hours. Last month I also asked about moments. Specifically, favorite moment from their time in adult education this fall.

And they came back with some beautiful responses: 

I read these responses and thought... 

Yep. It's powerful to see students learning. I probably would have said 'ah ha moments' too. It's certainly my favorite part of teaching.  

And it's especially powerful to see it go from learning to teaching a peer. Or from learning to life (and back, even, or especially when it's hard) 


Yep. It's also about the human connections. Student to student, teacher to volunteer, student to volunteer or any of the other supportive interactions in our classrooms. 

That sense of belonging to a supportive classroom community -- where there's someone to explain it to you, or reassure you when that thing you tried didn't work out, or to listen when you have a heartbreaking experience, or just to smile when you arrive -- that's essential to student persistence. We talk about that.  But it's also essential to our on-student experiences. Community is in our mission, and our flyers


Yep, field trips are a universal favorite. 

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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