I started with HTM as a volunteer. The things I remember from my first night: 

I felt excited and nervous and awkward about doing something new.

I said I didn't like math (I ended up a math teacher. Its ok, turns out it's more fun teaching it than sitting through 11th grade math class) 

A kind student with a lot of earrings tried to make an awkward new volunteer feel included. (She asked why I volunteered. I stumbled all over the answer, but I appreciated what she was trying to do)  (Bonus pro tip: Have an answer for my earring-ed former student)

As we approach the start of a new school year, I've pulled together a few tips for any volunteers feeling approximately as awkward and nervous as I was about the first day of school.   

What are your best tips? Add them in the comments!

Links: ​

List of potential volunteer roles

Offering help, when students don't ask

Additional resources:

- Quick Tips for Tutoring Adults

- A story

- Sign up for training

- HiSET Tips and info