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3 weeks into the new fiscal year, more than a month since most classes ended, firmly settled into 'summer', I think I have all of the data I am going to get for the last year. 

So I tallied it up, ran it through my spreadsheet, did some math. 

HTM volunteers gave 1771.25 hours of their time this year.

and smiled. 

 That's an 11% increase over last year. 

I celebrated, and made an infographic. (as you do...)

And then, almost immediately, I started setting new goals for HTM...

...Increase the total hours even more,

...keep more of our amazing current tutors, 

...improve our hours reporting, 

...get more likes on our facebook page (help me out with this one....?)

... and a whole to-do list of new projects and tweaks to make the program even better. 

And I remembered how motivating it is to succeed. 

And to see tangible evidence of that success. (And not just because I love data and it reminds me why we do this

How a little taste inspires you to do even more. 

 And I thought about our students.

The one's who are graduating, and the one's who are not (yet!) -- but are finding other ways to succeed, ((and, especially my HiSET-seeking folks who didn't feel a lot of success in school the first time and are trying again anyways))

And I wished them all moments when they see a bit of success and feel motivated to set new higher goals. 

(And to celebrate, with or without infographics)

Thoughtful v.8: Immigrating

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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