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​The year ends in a flurry of graduations and celebrations and hugs and a million little things. And then, suddenly, it's summer and it's quiet, and all the data gets entered and the numbers reckoned and the results tallied.  

As we start the new year, with it's own flurries and millions of little things, we're also looking back to see what we accomplished last year. 

By the official measures:

... We exceeded the state's expectations by 16-38%, depending on how you slice the data. 

... 52 students went up at least 1 level on standardized math/reading tests

... 159 improved their English proficiency by at least 1 level.

... 33 students got their HiSET 

But also: 

... Our students came to class for more than fifty thousand person-hours last year. 

... More than 200 of them came for 100+ hours each (enough, according to research to make a substantial impact on their lives

But, really:

... I have a sticky note on my desk from a student. It says in part: "I never liked math [until I had] a great tutor who always kept helping me and never gave up on me. NOW I LIKE MATH."


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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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