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Thoughtful v. 10: Ability

Thoughtful v. 10: Ability

Thoughtful, a small collection of links to inspire your thinking.


It's an unfortunate reality that many of the adults who end up in our HiSET classes, were kids with disabilities (especially learning disabilities) who struggled in school. And that school can be a real struggle when your brain works differently than most. 

And, it's also true that these folks, and these differences, have a lot to offer:

  •  ADHD Superpowers . "McRae offered some advice for fellow entrepreneurs: "Do what you do well and farm out the rest," he says. "Offload your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths. ADHD likes to beat you up—don't let it." (This is good advice for all of us, I think) 
  •  Q&A: The unappreciated benefits of dyslexia "Wired: If I was the parent of a dyslexic child, what advice would you give to me?Brock: One of the most important things is to remember to focus on identifying and building strengths. Too often all the focus is on "fixing what's wrong" rather than celebrating and nurturing what's right, and that's a big mistake." (Again with the advice for us all)  
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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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