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Thoughtful v.13: Math

Thoughtful v.13: Math

Thoughtful, a small collection of links to inspire your thinking.

V. 13.

It's math week here at HTM. Or at least, a math training has put my mind on math, and the process of learning it:

  • Stop destroying mathematical genius (Stories of accomplished mathematicians, such as "Hermann Grassmann, one of the founding fathers of Linear Algebra, did not excel in his formative school years. Grassman's own father — also one of the school teachers — advised his son to give up mathematics altogether. In his father's eyes, Grassmann's calling lay as a gardener." ) 
  • Non-Math Essentials for Learning Math (" In order for students to identify themselves as capable mathematicians, they need to feel safe enough in our classrooms to begin that pursuit of meaning") 
  • What it feels like to be bad at Math   ("Math makes people feel stupid. It hurts to feel stupid.It's hard to realize this unless you've experienced it firsthand. Luckily, I have (although it didn't feel so lucky at the time). So here is my tale of mathematical failure. See if it sounds familiar.")

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Friday, 07 October 2022

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