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Thoughtful v.4: Believing

Thoughtful v.4: Believing

Thoughtful, a small collection of links to inspire your thinking.


If I were an undergrad again I'd be A) thrilled (full time liberal arts student is probably my dream job) B) busy with a quadruple or quintuple major (so many interesting things I didn't know to study when I was 19). 

Among my multiple majors would be psychology, so a few stories about how our beliefs influence teaching and learning:

  • Possibly the truest words I've read this week: "But that teacher believes in me, and man, it really, really matters."  
  • A school, changing it's culture, by starting with teachers own beliefs and stories about it: How we got teachers to love math 
  • Growth mindset: "It is the belief that qualities can change and that we can develop our intelligence and abilities." 
What does $20,000 get you?

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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