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​It was a good idea. Have a master list of HiSET tips that tutors could use to help students. 

Except I didn't have one. 

I did have an idea: we could probably assemble a great one if we all shared the tips that we knew. 

And, then we could share it with all of the tutors in HTM and the teachers we work with in the various Juntos Collaborative programs. 

So, Monday morning, I set up a form, composed an email, assembled a list of addresses, hit send. 

And then, I worried a little bit. (as I tend to do)

I'd come to love this idea, but this was an email list full of busy people, who were already giving a lot of themselves and their time. Would enough people really take the time/interest to open another email and send me their tips? 

Maybe I should just google "HiSET tips"

I added a few tips of my own, so the document didn't look so empty. Then was gratefu to see the first response (Thanks, Marie!). Since then, more responses, single tips and paragraphs, a couple emails, careful notes from the weekends' training. (Thanks, Patty) 

There's a list coming together.  Right now it's messy, in a few weeks I'll edit and format and share. 

But, I can already tell you: it's way better than google.

If only because it reminds me (as this program does, on it's good days) that A) people pitch in to help B) when they do, it adds up

Thanks, everyone! 

Add your own tips here or see everyone's tips

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Saturday, 13 August 2022

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