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​Astonishing (at least to me), but true, the new cycle is starting for HTM. I'm recruiting new volunteers, setting up the calendar for next year, and planning trainings. 

I answer a lot of questions, at this time of year, about our training requirements (which -- in the service of giving volunteers options -- are a little complicated). Enough that I made an infographic (and explained on our website

Is training required/offered, is a good question, I like when potential volunteers are thinking far enough to ask it. 

What does the training cover? is an equally good question, and less easily condensed into an infographic. 

I could tell you, for each workshop we're trying to convey some understanding of students'  experiences, help volunteers think about their roles (which is something more like coach than information dispenser), and practice some strategies they can use.  

But, one of those strategies we recommend is to give an example, so I thought I'd share a sampling of our training resources:

What it feels like to be bad at Math. (Mostly, really, what it feels like to be bad at school, because of many of our students ​have ​felt bad at school. )


Student stories (from The Literacy Project)  (Or, what it feels like to be good at school. Because so many of our students ultimately do, and helping them to feel that way is an important task for our volunteers)

What makes a good teacher (because it's also what makes a good volunteer, and it's not about technical skills, as much as those matter) 


What good readers do (scroll down to page 66, pardon the un-fancy formatting) (because it's complicated, and those of us who have been doing it for long enough to forget it's complicated can sometimes use a reminder of how remarkable it is) 

The practical links: Workshop descriptions | Workshop calendar | Registration form

Thoughtful v.8: Immigrating

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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