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It's been a rush of a fall. And in the day to day of it, it can be hard to pull back and look at the big picture of how it's going. But, I found a few minutes to do it, recently. 

And this is what I saw: 

When I look at this data --  one of my first impulses is to quibble and minimize. (Maybe you share this challenge too?) But a second, more grounded reaction is gratitude for all the people and their time that this represents. 

I'm grateful, because I know what these numbers mean. They mean that almost every class that requested a volunteer classroom assistant has one. They mean that almost every student in our collaborative has someone show up once a week and say 'how's it going' and 'do you need a hand?'.‚Äč 

So those classes run a little bit smoother, and that teacher can be a little more creative or flexible or personalized in their lesson plan. 

And mostly, those students know there's someone there for them.  

43 of them. 

85.5 scheduled hours a week. 

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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