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Welcoming (Back)

Welcoming (Back)

It's (almost) back to school time.

For kids, certainly and, gratifyingly for our adult learners too (although their break was often a little longer, and generally a lot less like a vacation).

But also, for volunteers coming back to HTM.

For many, the break was the summer. Classes ended in June, they'll be back. in September; it's the rhythm of the school year, a sort of seasonal migration.

But I've also recently (re)connected with…

… former volunteers who joined HTM years ago then life, schedules, transportation happened and they stopped. But remembered it fondly enough that when life, schedules, transportation again allowed them to volunteer, they called or emailed seemingly out of the blue (sometimes asking for my predecessor). They'll be back.

… volunteers who worked with a class for a few months or more, who got to know teachers and students, but sometime last year emailed me to say "I'm so sorry, I need to attend to this pressing family/personal/professional responsibility right now" But I remembered them fondly enough to email (seemingly out of the blue, I imagine) They'll be back too.

… Even, a few people who started an application, had a conversation, told me about their goals for volunteering and their past experiences, and then life happened, or we couldn't make the schedule work, or a ball got dropped and neither of us can quite remember who dropped it or why? They'll be back too.

We're glad to have all of them. We're glad to have the new people who are joining us, of course, but there's a special pleasure in welcoming people back.

So, friends, if you've taken a break, stepped away, stopped volunteering, perhaps it's time to come back?

(No, really, email me out of the blue, or fill out our form)

(( And if it still doesn't fit your life to volunteer, here are 10 other ways to support adult education and HTM))

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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