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What does $20,000 get you?

What does $20,000 get you?

What does $20,000 get you?

CNN sent reporters into Central Park to hear answers to this question. 

I've been pondering this question not because I have $20,000 to spend on Hawaiian vacations or student loan payoffs (popular answers in Central Park) but because last week, with January reports starting to come in, the value of volunteer time donated by our tutors is approaching $21,000

I've been monitoring our hours data a little obsessively this year. I track hours because the state Department of Ed. (aka, our primary funder) asks (ahem, requires) me to report hours each month. But, to make the numbers meaningful, I also estimate the dollar value based on research from Independent Sector*  

Even if I weren't tracking so closely, $20,000 is the kind of number that makes you sit up and take notice.

That's a car ,

or a year long round the world trip for one blogger

It's also Willy Loman's insurance policy 

That's a year's income for a family of 3 at the federal poverty level

or college tuition

To our teachers it's also 

"the individual support [my students] need"

"a big help for the teacher"

"the unique voices, ideas, and experiences [tutors] bring to the classroom."

"so incredibly helpful"

"another patient person"

Thanks, tutors, your contributions are both pricey and priceless. 

*We use the lower, national average, rather than the MA average to reflect Western Mass's lower cost of living/labor

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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