What it really takes

Last week I shared an infographic about the application process for our volunteers.

The requirements really are requirements. And those steps really are the steps in the process.

But, that's not really what it takes.

When I'm doing that interview, those references for, I'm really looking (well, listening) for….

Someone who works and communicates well with people, including people who may lead very different lives than them.

Someone who can stay calm and flexible despite the challenges and occasional chaos of adult ed.

Someone who cares. And can show they care in appropriate ways.

Someone who thinks adult students who find a way to come back to school are amazing.

Someone who wants to help those students (and knows how much they'll gain themselves from helping)

Someone who believes in education and that anyone can learn (and especially the people who love to learn themselves)

Someone who is patient. (Really patient.) And will be patient while a student struggles to their own answer, when it's so so so tempting to just give them the right one.

Becoming a tutor takes a lot of steps, but more than that, it takes a lot of heart.