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​This week's post brought to you by the students in my HiSET math classes. 

I've been asking my students to write a note, beginning "I wish my teachers (or tutors, or advisors) knew..." for the last year or two. It's 100% taken/inspired by the viral internet story/twitter hash tag (turned book deal, apparently) It's also a beautiful bit of insight into my students. 

Below are some of their responses (lightly edited for punctuation, grammar and spelling) 

We wish our teachers, tutors, advisors knew... 

"I can be shy and sometimes avoid asking questions"

"I think a lot"

"I may have a few anxiety moments this round due to a lot of loss, the biggest was losing my brother [... ] we were very close"

"Although I'm super excited to learn again, I'm very nervous to jump back in to school after so many years" 

"I'm not really a math person, but willing to learn and once I'm comfortable with math, I'll start loving math again" 

"I'm fully committed to achieving my goals" 

"I've always struggled with math" 

"I like math" 

"I am a quiet person, but a hard worker... I feel uncomfortable going to the board or being called on" 

"Go slow. I would like my teachers to also know to repeat things a few times after explaining"

"English is my third language, so it takes me extra time to understand" 

"That I can be focused" 

"I'm a fast learner" 

"It's been over 10 years since I've attended school" 

"I have a lot of things I'm dealing with at this moment, but I'm almost positive that this will be the year I finish my [HiSET]" 

"I'm very serious about my HiSET test and building my education. Also that I want to go further" 

"How much they are appreciated" 

(and possibly my favorite, although that's a tough choice) 

"I've been trying to get my GED/HiSET since I was 18 years old. I've failed many times, but never given up. I'm feeling really good about this one." 


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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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